Estate Planning 101

  Does everyone need trusts and wills? Just about!

Plenty of people have heard of estate planning before, but they're a little fuzzy about what it actually is and what the benefits of estate planning on. If that's the case for you, no worries and no need to be embarrassed. Attorney Andrew Klaas is an excellent estate planning lawyer in the greater Chicago area, and his office would be glad to give you a little estate planning 101 lesson here. One very common misconception that we'll address first in this estate planning 101 synopsis is that estate planning is only for rich people. That's not actually the case! Estate planning is for everyone who cares about their family and wants to make sure they don't have any undue stress upon their death. They'll already going through a tremendously life-changing time of loss and grief - make sure they don't have to go to probate court on top of that by taking care of all necessary estate planning steps now. For instance, settling up trusts and wills are important estate planning steps that we at the firm of Attorney Andrew Klaas recommend to just about everyone. Trusts and wills ensure that the assets you have seamlessly pass to whoever you designate. It could be your spouse, children, only children from your 2nd marriage, or whoever you designate. Setting up trusts and wills isn't difficult but getting an attorney such as Attorney Andrew Klaas is a wise choice to make sure all essential considerations are made. You're invited to schedule an initial meeting with Attorney Andrew Klaas to talk about your estate planning questions and get understandable, reliable answers from one of Chicago's brightest lawyers.




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