Estate Planning 101

Estate Planning can be a complicated process. However if you know what to look for in a complete estate plan you can set yourself up for success now, and in the future!


These are the 4 time periods your Estate Plan should consider:

Number 1

During your lifetime

You want an Estate Plan that allows you the most control during your life while also protecting your assets from creditors who otherwise may have access to your wealth.

Number 2

During your incapacity

Hopefully you are never incapacitated. However if you are, you need an Estate Plan that helps make sure your wishes are carried out. This should include life sustaining treatment options!

Number 3

At the time of your passing

You have many assets which need to be accounted for and included in your Estate at the time of your death. Without preparing for this in advance, your assets may be subject to Probate and government control!

Number 4

After your passing

You have many options regarding the control of your Estate which extend long after your death. You can help your beneficiaries properly use your gifts by helping guide them even after you are no longer alive.


Types of Documents

These are the documents a complete Estate Plan should include:


Affidavit of Trust,

Assignment of Personal Property,


Personal Property Memorandum,

Power of Attorney for Property,

Power of Attorney for Health Care,

HIPAA Authorization,

Transfer of Assets*,

all items with an *asterisk* have multiple options


Things to consider

Important People

You need to think about who you want to be your: Trustee(s); Executor(s); Guardian(s); Power(s) of Attorney; Beneficiary(ies)


If you own property and do not have an Estate Plan, you AUTOMATICALLY have to open a Probate proceeding in court. This is time consuming and expensive.

Probate Asset Limit

If you dont own property at the time of your death, but you have over $90,000 in other assets at the time of your death, you will also have to open a Probate proceeding.


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